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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH RFC 1/2] linux/vnuma: vnuma support for pv guest

On 29/08/13 01:11, Matt Wilson wrote:
> I think it wouldn't be too hard to construct the static ACPI tables
> and provide them in acpi_os_get_root_pointer().

Elena's approach looks fine to me from a Linux point of view.

It's still not clear how presenting the information via ACPI would be an
improvement.  I also think it is preferrable for the hypercall ABI for
PV guests to be independent of architecture specifics where possible.

If you posted Xen and Linux series producing/using the ACPI SRAT and
SLIT tables for dom0 and domU PV guests we could better evaluate that
option but until then I'm inclined to consider Elena's approach as the
better one.


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