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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH RFC 2/2] AMD IOMMU: allow command line overrides for broken IVRS tables

Tuesday, August 27, 2013, 2:04:38 PM, you wrote:

>>>> On 27.08.13 at 13:09, Sander Eikelenboom <linux@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> Would the syntax be the same as linux ?
>>> f.e. ivrs_ioapic[6]=00:14.0 for my case ?

> Yes.

>>> I'm asking because using it on the command line seems to enable the iommu 
>> fine (which it shouldn't without the override), but i don't seem to see the
>>> "IVHD: Command line override present for IO-APIC %#x" in my xl dmesg... 
>> Hrrrmm could it be due to the fact that in my case it actually shouldn't 
>> override a present IVRS entry, but add a extra one ?

> Yes. Does Linux print something even in that case?

Hmmm even with:

static void __init parse_ivrs_ioapic(char *str)
    const char *s = str;
    unsigned long id;
    unsigned int seg, bus, dev, func;

    AMD_IOMMU_DEBUG(" will be parsing things: %s" , str);

    ASSERT(*s == '[');
    id = simple_strtoul(s + 1, &s, 0);
    if ( id >= ARRAY_SIZE(ioapic_sbdf) || *s != ']' || *++s != '=' ){
        AMD_IOMMU_DEBUG("bailing out here %lu" , id);

    s = parse_pci(s + 1, &seg, &bus, &dev, &func);
    if ( !s || *s ){

            AMD_IOMMU_DEBUG(" Something went wrong parsing things: %s" , str);
    AMD_IOMMU_DEBUG("parsed things: %lu, %d, %d , %d" ,id, bus, dev, func);

    ioapic_sbdf[id].bdf = PCI_BDF(bus, dev, func);
    ioapic_sbdf[id].seg = seg;
    __set_bit(id, ioapic_cmdline);
custom_param("ivrs_ioapic[", parse_ivrs_ioapic);

I don't see anything ...

> Jan

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