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[Xen-devel] Request fairly urgent reversion of c/s 8a3c4acc9907cfec9aae9f1bc251fbf50af6828e

Changeset 8a3c4acc9907cfec9aae9f1bc251fbf50af6828e is my "Clean stacks
in debug builds patch"

I applied the upstream version to XenServer, and resulted in some
spectacular fails to boot.

Curiously, the buggy V1 "$(STACK_SIZE >> 8) " works fine on all
hardware, but the apparently correct "$(STACK_SIZE / 8)" causes complete
deadlock on AMD boxes on AP bringup, and causes Intel boxes to only boot
a single pcpu.

I have some meetings now, so cant investigate immediately.

Please could you revert until I have had a time to investigate and fix.



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