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Re: [Xen-devel] question about patch that allow guest to set/clear MSIx mask bit

>>> On 27.08.13 at 07:21, "Zhang, Yang Z" <yang.z.zhang@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi , Jan,
> I saw you reverts the patch that allow guest to set/clear MSI-x bit. And you 
> only said it is not fully cooked. What's the wrong with this patch?
> Actually, we found a bug which introduced by this patch: MSI-x has several 
> pirqs that each vector mappings one. So the following assert is wrong:
> ASSERT(entry->pirq == pirq);

Did you not see the respective discussion

Bottom line - the assertion is _not_ wrong, what's wrong is the
code. And the trivial fix suggested by Sander has other downsides.
Hence the author and I agreed to revert the patch until he can
provide a full, properly done one. Of course you're welcome to
step in.


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