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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] PCI uart: fix boot hang, and second S3 resume inactive timer list corruption

On 08/26/2013 01:17 PM, Jan Beulich wrote:
On 26.08.13 at 11:17, Tomasz Wroblewski<tomasz.wroblewski@xxxxxxxxxx>  wrote:
- fix occasional xen boot hang whilst using PCI uart. Dom0 kernel disables 
ioport responses
  during PCI system initialisation, causing xen hang if __ns16550_poll() 
routine happens to
  be scheduled during that time. Detect and exit. Amended 
ns16550_ioport_invalid function
  to only check IER register, which contains three reservered (always 0) bits, 
  it's sufficient for this test.
And this was observed with 4.4-unstable? I'm asking because I
would at a first glance have thought that taking care of this
ought to be a desirable side effect of calling pci_hide_device().
This was observed with stable 4.3 - it seems to be doing the pci_hide_device as well, so I don't think this affects, or was it bugfixed later? I'm not entirely sure how is pci_hide_device supposed to work though - in my dom0, on 4.3, I am seeing the pci serial card used by xen console, so maybe it is bugged? (or i misunderstand it).

+static int ns16550_ioport_invalid(struct ns16550 *uart)
+    return (((unsigned char)ns_read_reg(uart, UART_IER)) == 0xff);
Why checking just one register is sufficient when originally

-static int ns16550_ioport_invalid(struct ns16550 *uart)
-    return ((((unsigned char)ns_read_reg(uart, UART_LSR)) == 0xff)&&
-            (((unsigned char)ns_read_reg(uart, UART_MCR)) == 0xff)&&
-            (((unsigned char)ns_read_reg(uart, UART_IER)) == 0xff)&&
-            (((unsigned char)ns_read_reg(uart, UART_IIR)) == 0xff)&&
-            (((unsigned char)ns_read_reg(uart, UART_LCR)) == 0xff));
we checked five also needs some better explanation.
I believe it's enough to test IER register since it contains 3 reserved bits which are always 0 during normal operation, therefore the condition will never hit then. Made this as a mini optimisation since this function would now be called more frequently.

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