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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] xentrace: add a tool to break down the result of vmexit

George Dunlap writes ("Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] xentrace: add a tool to break 
down the result of vmexit"):
> On 19/08/13 15:26, Ian Jackson wrote:
> > 1. Build system.  Can it easily be plumbed into the build system for
> >     tools ?
> There shouldn't be a major problem integrating it into the build system.
> One issue at the moment is that it requires the GNU arg parsing library, 
> so it would either need to be ported to the older POSIX arg parsing 
> stuff to build on BSD, or just be disabled on systems without it.  I 
> would prefer the second, because I think the GNU library is much 
> better.  But I don't know the policy for the tools tree.  (Christoph 
> Egger may want to make a case for moving to the POSIX arg parsing library.)

You mean it depends on glibc's version of getopt ?

I wouldn't have a problem with disabling it on systems without a
"sufficiently good" getopt.  If Christoph would like to submit
portability patches I'm sure you'd welcome them ? :-)

> > 2. Copyright.  Does the xenalyse history contain good copyright
> >     information for all the code ?
> Yes.  It was developed entirely by myself, while working for Citrix, 
> until the time that I made it public; after that time I required the 
> standard Signed-off-by's (and included them in my own commits).


> It's mostly consistent with the hypervisor style, but tended to drift a 
> bit when I started doing more coding for the toolstack.  :-/

Right.  I have no problem with this.

> >> If it requires many changes, I won't personally have time to get to it
> >> this release cycle.  If anyone else wanted to clean it up and submit
> >> on the other hand... :-)
> > Do you have it in the form of a git tree we could merge ?
> It's in mercurial at the moment.  I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard to do 
> a one-time translation into git which you could then pull.



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