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Re: [Xen-devel] HVM hangs system on AMD A10-6800K + Hudson-D4

>>> On 14.08.13 at 07:51, Darren Shepherd <darren.s.shepherd@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Its not terribly consistent when the hang happens, but every HVM domain
> will eventually hang the system if left running long enough.  Sometimes the
> system hang immediately, sometimes after 20 minutes.  I disabled all power
> management (turned off PowerNow!) and that actually seems to make it freeze
> faster.  So I'm running with the smallest HVM configuration possible using
> xl as below

If disabling power management makes it hang faster, then I'd
assume a cooling problem in your system.

Anyway, knowing whether something gets output upon the hang
(crash?) by the hypervisor, as Andrew already asked for, will be
essential here.


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