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Re: [Xen-devel] Call to write tests for osstest

On Thu, Aug 8, 2013 at 12:01 PM, George Dunlap <George.Dunlap@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
As release coordinator, and therefore de-facto
tracker-of-bugs-and-regressions, it seems to me that one of the
shortcomings in our current development mode is a lack of good
regression testing for many of the less common, but still very
important features of Xen; things like S3, driver domains, nested
virt, and so on.

We do have a regression-testing push gate for the xen trees, written
by Ian Jackson, called osstest, with a lot of great functionality,
including a test scheduler, an automatic Baysean bisector, and so on.
Apart from more hardware, it is mainly lacking a more complete set of

The Xen Project team here at Citrix agreed with me, and have decided
during the 4.4 timeframe to take on the task of adding some important
functional tests to osstest; our list is below.  We'd love for you to
join us.

I will be tracking the implementation of the tests as part of the
regular 4.4 release updates.  I encourage people to join us by
thinking about a particular feature or bit of functionality that is
not yet tested by osstest, which you would like to see implemented in
the 4.4 timeframe, and responding to this e-mail, or one of the
regular development update e-mails asking it to be added.

There is a description of osstest, along with a link to the source code, here:


=== Testing coverage ===

* Network driver domains

* new libxl w/ previous versions of xl

* Host S3 suspend

I would be happy to contribute, to this effort, but was unsuccessful in getting an osstest setup, when I last tried.
I think I would need to be paired with someone who can integrate code into the test harness.


* Default [example] XSM policy
 @Stefano to ask Daniel D

* Xen on ARM
 # problem ATM: hardware
   emulator: @stefano to think about it

* Storage driver domains

* HVM pci passthrough

* Nested virt?
 @intel (chased by George)

* Fix SRIOV test (chase intel)

* Fix bisector to e-mail blame-worthy parties

* Fix xl shutdown

* stub domains

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