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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v1][RFC] xen balloon driver numa support, libxl interface

Hey, Yechen... Could you please switch to text-only e-mails? That would
be much more respectful of the actual list etiquette, but most important
it will all look a lot better looking when replying...

On lun, 2013-08-12 at 22:57 +0800, Li Yechen wrote:
>         But that kernel change is very bogus; first of all you need
>         to clean it up to undo all the restoration of code that
>         3.11-rc
>         changed. And then you'll need to explain what the
>         correlation between virtual and physical node IDs is.
> The relation between virtual and physical node IDs is belong to
> another guy's work, I think we could see her email soon. 
Well, although that's mostly true, I think it would not have harmed to
have some sort of high level description of the overall design, trying
to explain what the final goal is, who all the involved actors are, what
role they play, etc.

Of course, I know all these kind of stuff, since you sent me in a
private e-mail already, but can I ask you to come up with a summary of
that, and attach it somehow to the public submission (a 0/xx message,
even if this just a single patch, would have been great).

Thanks and Regards,

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