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Re: [Xen-devel] how to move the memory of a domain from one NUMAnode to another?


Your approach about memory migration has some problems:

(1)the domain must be suspended,and how long is the downtime(100ms or 1s)?

(2)will the memory migration affect the balloon,TMem mechanism? 

And I want to design to migrate the memory pages,the process is as follows:

(1)drop the reference to the memory pages of domain

(2)lock and copy the memory pages in the new node

(3)update the page tables,the P2M

(4)bind the VCPU to the new node 
This process will not affect the interrupt of the domain.
pls provide the suggestions,thanks!! 

======= 2013-08-08 15:56:15 from your letter:=======

>On gio, 2013-08-08 at 13:56 +0800, butine@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>> linux provides the function move_pages ,which can move individual
>> pages of a process to another node,as follows:
>> long move_pages(int pid, unsigned long count, void **pages,
>>     const int *nodes, int *status, int flags);
>> Therefore,if xen can provide the similar approach,then we recognize
>> the hot memory pages,and preferentially migrate the hot memory
>> pages.Then the efficiecy of VM's migration will be very high.
>Yes, but unfortunately Xen can't provide something like that. It may be
>possible for HVM (or, in general, autotranslated) guests, but not for PV
>guests. :-(
>> And how to improve about the new version of memory migration? 
>For now, I'm concentrating on making it work. After that, we'll see how
>to make if better, faster, more efficient, etc.
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