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[Xen-devel] [PATCH v2 00/10] xen: arm: direct 1:1 map on 64 bit

A pretty substantial portion of this is acked but the big patch "xen:
arm: Use a direct mapping of RAM on arm64" remains outstanding.

The main concern seems to be whether to ifdef vs moving code under
arm32/ arm64/. Since the majority of the code remains common[0] in this
case I prefer to use ifdefs since it keeps all the interrelated code in
a single place and avoids having to export internals like the static
page table arrays outside of this function and expose other functions
which we would rather the rest of the hypervisor didn't get at.

Other patches which need acks are:

xen: arm: Add zeroeth level page table macros and defines

        I think this one just got missed, it's pretty trivial IMHO.
xen: arm: define a macro to get this CPUs page table root

        Stefano didn't see the point but it doesn't really become clear
        until a later patch. I've expanded the changelog.
[0] Out of 1255 lines in mm.c there are 45 lines of 64 bit only code and
64 lines of 32 bit only code.

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