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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 0/3] Build system fixes for Xen 4.2.3

Daniel Kiper writes ("[PATCH 0/3] Build system fixes for Xen 4.2.3"):
> As Ian Jackson asked I am sending build system fixes based
> on patches applied a few weeks ago to Xen unstable. Earlier
> patches which did not required any changes were applied to
> Xen 4.2.3. This patch series contains only applicable patches
> which must be modified to be applied.
> List of patches:
>   - stubdom: Clean extras/mini-os directory during make clean,
>   - stubdom: Remove xenstore directory during make crossclean,
>   - Silently ignore include errors during make distclean.

I'm afraid I think it's probably best not to apply modified build
system backport patches, unless they're really important.  These involve
more risk of downstream build breakages, and the benefit is very small
because most people already using the stable release will have already
developed workarounds for any build system bugs they have encountered.


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