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Re: [Xen-devel] [RFC Patch] x86/hpet: Disable interrupts while running hpet interrupt handler.

>>> On 06.08.13 at 12:32, Andrew Cooper <andrew.cooper3@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> The machine we found this crash on is a Dell R310.  4 CPUs, 16G Ram.

Not all that big.

> The full boot xl dmesg is attached, but it appears that the are 8
> broadcast hpets.  This is futher backed up by the 'i' debugkey (also
> attached)

Right. And with fewer CPUs than HPET channels, you could get
the system into a mode where each CPU uses a dedicated channel
("maxcpus=4", suppressing registration of all the disabled ones).

> Keir: (merging your thread back here)
>   I see your point regarding IRQ_INPROGRESS, but even with 8 hpet
> interrupts, there are rather more than 8 occurences of
> handle_hpet_broadcast() in the stack.  If the occurences were just
> function pointers on the stack, I would expect to see several
> handle_hpet_broadcast()+0x0/0x268

Which further hints at some earlier problem. I suppose you don't
happen to have a dump of that crash, or else you could inspect
the IRQ descriptors as well as the stack for whether all instances
came from the same IRQ/vector.


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