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[Xen-devel] Do we still need Xen Document Days?


Monday a week ago, we had a Xen Document Day. Due to the summer holidays, OSCON and a couple of people who normally contribute being ill, none of the regular contributors to document days were not around. As a consequence we had no contributions. This was followed by a discussion last week, I had with regular contributors to see what was going on. In a nutshell the key points that were made are:

1) For Hypervisor Docs, there are no more "low hanging fruit" left over. Even the regular contributors to document days, have difficulties figureing out which documents actually need to be improved 2) This makes it increasingly difficulkt for newbies to participate in document days 3) We have become better in creating documents for new features and for new releases 4) In recent document days, discussions on the IRC channel were more about making documents more accessible and easier to find, compared to

To counter balance this, we do have areas which have weak wiki documentation. Notable areas are XAPI and Mirage: for these sub-projects we never really got much community participation. Another question is whether the fact that we had to lock down the wiki due to the recurring spam attacks, is having a negative impact on wiki contributions and document days in particular.

All these points, raise the question whether a) we still need to have document days, and b) if we do, what we can do to increase participation. I wanted to start a discussion about this, before I make a proposal to kill document days, or maybe change them.

Input is desired. If there is no input, that will add to the case for not having document days any more.

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