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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen pciback not working: "address space collision: [mem ...] conflicts with System RAM [mem ...]"

> >>>>The RAM region is pretty much all of the memory. This looks like
> >>>>the 'e820_hole'
> >>>>parameter is not being used? (It only works for xl btw).
> >>
> >>Where is the e820_hole option documented and what does it do?
> >
> >It should be in the manpage (man xl.cfg). Here is a copy-n-paste:
> >    e820_host=BOOLEAN
.. snip..
> Ah, so this was a typo above. s/e820_hole/e820_host/

Yes. It is suppose to be 'e820_host=1'. Thank you for helping me realize
my mistake. <sigh>

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