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[Xen-devel] XEN : XSM policy and want some clarification for understanding.


i am trying to create new policy between dom's.

By the XSM Flask document 

-domU_t is a domain that can communicate with any other domU_t
- isolated_domU_t can only communicate with dom0

i analysed the policy.. 

by -domain_self_comms(domU_t)
     - domain_comms(dom0_t, isolated_domU_t)

above things are achieved.

From dom0 by making hypercall we call check that policy is working.
but from domU how we can check this..?

And also "how i can find that communication between these doms are established..??"

Is there any tool or userspace program is available for that.??

Clarify me because i cant able to move further by this one.


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