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Re: [Xen-devel] [RFC 18/29] xen/arm: add generic UART to get the device in the device tree

>         Couldn't it also hardcode a call to a "is this a dt serial
>         alias"
>         function?
> Indeed. Can we assume Xen on Arm will use only one UART? We can modify
> the behaviour later.

This seems acceptable to me.
>         > If I understand your suggestion, you suggest to use
>         console=myserial
>         > where *myserial* is the alias on the DTB, right?
>         Right.
>         > In this case the name could clash with the hardcoded ones in
>         Xen that is not good.
>         console=dt:<alias> ? Or to be honest I'm not sure that having
>         the dt
>         aliases shadow the Xen hardcoded ones would be a bad thing --
>         the x86
>         centric com<X> definition hardcoded in Xen is hardly likely to
>         be useful
>         on ARM or any DT using platform.
> I prefer dt:<alias> but how do we parse the configuration for the
> Do we use dt:<alias>=configuration on the command line? In this case
> I don't see function to retrieve a non-defined parameters on the
> command line.

Hrm, yes.

Perhaps dtuart=, applied to whichever dt:<alias> you choose?

> We should also take care about video card. In the future, the devices
> will be retrieved from the DTS.

In that case perhaps: console=dtuart:<alias> and =dtfb:<alias>?


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