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[Xen-devel] xen-unstable qemu-upstream: pci-passthrough timing issues due to commit 0f7b2864d0d0c3ef2801f9214d8c510c80a220d1 when vnc enabled

Hi Gerd,

Using qemu-upstream with pci-passthrough on xen-unstable previously worked fine.
Since commit 0f7b2864d0d0c3ef2801f9214d8c510c80a220d1 (bisected) i see what i 
think are timing issues (video device is reporting buffer underruns).

Since that commit changes vnc code, i have disabled vnc (was default enabled, 
but i did not use it).
Disabling vnc by using vnc=0 and nographic make thinks work like before.


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