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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen blktap driver for Ceph RBD : Anybody wants to test ? :p

> If you have time to write up some lines about steps required to test this,
> that'd be nice, it'll help people to test this stuff.

To quickly test, I compiled the package and just replaced the tapdisk
binary from my "normal" blktap install with the newly compiled one.

Then you need to setup a RBD image named 'test' in the default 'rbd'
pool. You also need to setup a proper ceph.conf and keyring file on
the client (since librbd will use those for the parameters). The
keyring must contain the 'client.admin' key

Then in the config file, use something like
"tap2:tapdisk:rbd:xxx,xvda1,w"  the 'xxx' part is currently ignored



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