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[Xen-devel] extra parameters for a custom vif-script


I am trying to develop custom xen vif- and network- scripts and can't
figure out how to passing parameters. When creating a domain, I would
like to be able to specify two additional parameters for each vif and
get access to them via from my custom vif-script.

I have done some research and found I can easiliy extend the list of
parameters accepted by 'xm create' command by editing
/usr/lib/xen-4.0/lib/python/xen/xm/create.py. It all works just fine in
the dry mode, I see the parameters and their value dumped on the output.
But when the domain gets created these values don't see to be retained
in the config, I see no traces of them in the output of 'xm list VMID'.

I have also attempted to edit vif_params in main.py to add same two
parameters to 'network-attach' command handler. It has not helped, the
parameter don't seem to make it into the config nor xenstore anyway.

I could use an advice how this can be implemented properly. I thinking
about customizing create.py further, to store values I need to persist
in xenstore under /vm/UUID/device/vif/NNN/. Just wondering if I am
overlooking some more elegant solution. Any advise is appreciated.

PS. I use xm toolstack on Xen 4.0.1 on Debian.

Best regards,

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