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[Xen-devel] Questions

Hi  Xen developers,
I am Momo and i do my internship in France. My Topic is to make a cloud Platform. I decide to use XCP and Openstack. So, I have only one physical server to do the test.
I use ubuntu 12.10 quantal. For XCP, I just do "apt-get install xcp-xapi". It's work, no problem. But, when I tried to create a DOMU, I have a problem. Indeed, the system create an xenbr0 interface without ip address, but it's not a bridge (when i do brctl show, I don't see this). So, after that, I don't have internet connection. I thhink that, the problem is the version of Ubuntu.
So, I want to know if XCP works on Ubuntu12.10. Or, it's better to use Ubuntu 12.04 or Debian???
Best regards
Mohamet DIA
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