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[Xen-devel] What's the benefit and design purpose of Xen Console for HVM guest.

Hi guys,
I'm investigating Xen Console recently, i take some test on Linux(Fedora) hvm guest, it works good. (Xen-4.1.3 and Linux 3.5.0)

As far as i know, the performance improvement of Xen Console seems to be great, but it looks like it just provides a shell for login via Xen Console for function concern, since it's a console,
i wonder if it is designed to be a system console? or just an additional shell access to the guest like ssh(rlogin),  that means is it able to replace the emulated serial by qemu-dm totally, can it be able to print the early boot message and debugging message generated by printk() like function?  

Any answer would be appreciated a lot, thanks.

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