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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] tools/libxl: run libxl__arch_domain_create() much earlier.

Tim Deegan writes ("[PATCH] tools/libxl: run libxl__arch_domain_create() much 
> Among other things, arch_domain_create() sets the shadow(/hap/p2m)
> memory allocation, which must happen after vcpus are assigned (or the
> shadow op will fail) but before memory is allocated (or we might run
> out of p2m memory).
> libxl__build_pre(), which already sets similar things like maxmem,
> semes like a reasonable spot for it.  That needed a bit of plumbing to
> get the right datastructure from the caller.
> As a side-effect, the return code from libxl__arch_domain_create() is
> no longer ignored.

Applied, thanks.

Thanks for referencing
on irc, Tim.  I added a reference to it to the commit message.


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