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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] tools/xen-mceinj: support AMD

On 28.03.13 12:44, Jan Beulich wrote:
On 27.03.13 at 14:41, Egger Christoph <chegger@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Didn't you also require a hypervisor side change for

+#define MC4_type_MISC1      0x4
+#define MC4_type_MISC2      0x5
+#define MC4_type_MISC3      0x6

which also gets me back to the previously asked question why
this is done only for bank 4.

These MSRs only exist on bank 4.

-    sprintf(path, "/local/domain/%d/memory/target", domid);
+    snprintf(path, sizeof(path), "/local/domain/%d/memory/target", domid);

This continues to be valid, but unrelated.

-    int type = MCE_SRAO_MEM;
+    int type;
+    if (cpu_vendor == CPU_VENDOR_AMD)
+        type = AMD_MCE_MEM;
+    if (cpu_vendor == CPU_VENDOR_INTEL)
+        type = INTEL_MCE_SRAO_MEM;

still leaves type uninitialized for the non-Intel, non-AMD case. And
some compilers aren't going to be able to figure out that the
variable only gets used for either of these two cases, and will raise
a warning.

I haven't seen any warning but ok, will fix.


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