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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 1/1]: tools: Retry blktap2 tapdisk message on interrupt.

On Mar 25, 12:40pm, Ian Jackson wrote:
} Subject: Re: [PATCH 1/1]: tools: Retry blktap2 tapdisk message on interrup

> Dr. Greg Wettstein writes ("[PATCH 1/1]: tools: Retry blktap2 tapdisk message 
> on interrupt."):
> > Re-start blktap2 IPC select call on interrupt.

> Thanks.  I have applied this patch.  But I think you should worry
> that the fix may be incomplete.  I see calls to read() as well, and
> read() can also fail with EINTR.

Yes the read/write calls on the socket are interruptible as well.  The
last patch was definitely 'scratch the itch', we have never seen a
failure on the read or write call.  I suspect catching the select call
interrupt is shielding the read/write calls from any interrupts.
Nonetheless a complete fix should address the read/write calls.

A patch immediately follows.  It went through our test harness without
any issues but since we are not proving it against a known regression
it bears running in other test environments to make sure i doesn't
trip any unexpected behavior.

> Ian.

Have a good weekend.

}-- End of excerpt from Ian Jackson

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