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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v2 6/6] [RFC] arm: use PSCI if available

On Tuesday 26 March 2013, Stefano Stabellini wrote:
> Check for the presence of PSCI before setting smp_ops, use PSCI if it is
> available.
> This is useful because at least when running on Xen it's possible to have a
> PSCI node for example on a Versatile Express or an Exynos5 machine. In these
> cases the PSCI SMP calls should be the ones to be called.
> Remove virt_smp_ops and platsmp.c from mach-virt because they aren't needed
> anymore.

Very nice, I had a similar idea but had not gotten around to write a patch.
This fits in nicely with my plans to make all fields of machine_desc optional.

>  void __init smp_set_ops(struct smp_operations *ops)
>  {
> -       if (ops)
> +       int rc = -ENODEV;
> +       rc = psci_init(&smp_ops);
> +#endif
> +       if (rc && ops)
>                smp_ops = *ops;
>  };

Could you move this into the caller, i.e. setup_arch() so we call smp_set_ops
either for psci_smp_ops or for machine_desc->smp?


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