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[Xen-devel] Release 0.2.0 of Xen-SAN.

Good morning, Izzy and I hope the week is going well for everyone.  He
is curled up on the couch right now recovering from about 22 miles of
cross-country skiing in West-Central Minnesota over the weekend.

Izzy asked me to let everyone know that a new release of the Xen-SAN
package is available.  It can be downloaded from the following URL:


This package implements functionality which allows Xen domU guests to
be first class entities in an iSCSI based SAN.

The major change in this version is that the block-iscsi hotplug
script should drop directly into a 4.2.x implementation of a Linux
based Xen implementation without any other changes.  The previous
version required support from the 'block' hotplug script.

This implementation has been extensively tested with a Linux based
SCST storage target stack in a Linux dom0 environment with iSCSI
client support.  There is extensive documentation in the README file
included in the package.

Best wishes for a productive week to everyone.

Greg and Izzy

As always,
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 Any questions on the project summary?
                                -- Dr. Greg Wettstein

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