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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 11/28] libxl: ocaml: propagate the libxl return error code in exceptions

On 25/03/13 14:45, Rob Hoes wrote:
+static void failwith_xl(int error, char *fname)
+       CAMLlocal1(arg);
         value *exc = caml_named_value("Xenlight.Error");
         if (!exc)
                 caml_invalid_argument("Exception Xenlight.Error not initialized, 
please link xl.cma");
-       caml_raise_with_string(*exc, fname);
+       arg = caml_alloc_small(2, 0);
+       Field(arg, 0) = Val_error(error);
+       Field(arg, 1) = caml_copy_string(fname);

I think this violates Rule 5 in the OCaml FFI manual[*]. In the low-level interface when you allocate a block with "caml_alloc_small" all the fields contain random values. The assignment:

  Field(arg, 1) = caml_copy_string(fname);

will first call "caml_copy_string" which performs an allocation before setting the field to a valid value. Any function which performs an allocation can trigger a GC which will segfault if it sees the random data in field 1.

I strongly recommend using the "simple interface" i.e.


If you look in the definition of "caml_alloc" [**] it does this:

  CAMLexport value caml_alloc (mlsize_t wosize, tag_t tag)
    value result;
    mlsize_t i;

    Assert (tag < 256);
    Assert (tag != Infix_tag);
    if (wosize == 0){
      result = Atom (tag);
    }else if (wosize <= Max_young_wosize){
      Alloc_small (result, wosize, tag);
      if (tag < No_scan_tag){
        for (i = 0; i < wosize; i++) Field (result, i) = 0;
^^^^^ -- it sets the fields to 0 preventing the GC seeing a random value

Whereas "caml_alloc_small" just does the "Alloc_small".

+       caml_raise_with_arg(*exc, arg);

[*] http://caml.inria.fr/pub/docs/manual-ocaml-4.00/manual033.html
[**] https://github.com/ocaml/ocaml/blob/trunk/byterun/alloc.c

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