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[Xen-devel] [PATCH v5 00/12] vTPM updates for 4.3

This series contains a bit of reworking from v4: command cancellation is
now supported in the protocol, although not yet exposed through the API.
Since the TPM emulator used by Xen doesn't support cancellation anyway,
this is not currently an important requirement.

The xenbus name for the interface has been changed back to "vtpm" -
renaming it to vtpm2 requires changing libxl to only support the new
device name with mismatches between the use of vtpm in the API it
exposes and vtpm2 in the values used internally. Using feature nodes to
denote the protocol change allows also libxl to wire up both the old
interface and the new interface.

Automatic vTPM shutdown is removed by patch #9; however, since patch #8
makes it safe to destroy the vTPM at any point, the cleanup of a vTPM
upon guest shutdown can be relocated to the layer that starts the vTPM.
This is necessary even without these patches because vTPMs have never
automatically shut down if a guest encoutners an error in early boot or
simply does not load (or have) the frontend driver.

Locality-5 PCRs have been dropped since v4: this patch is not really
suited for upstreaming until there is a domain using the extra PCRs.

Mini-os driver patches:
    [PATCH 01/12] mini-os/tpm{back,front}: Change shared page ABI
    [PATCH 02/12] mini-os/tpm{back,front}: Allow device repoens
    [PATCH 03/12] mini-os/tpmback: set up callbacks before enumeration
    [PATCH 04/12] mini-os/tpmback: Replace UUID field with opaque pointer
    [PATCH 05/12] mini-os/tpmback: add tpmback_get_peercontext

Linux driver patch:
    [PATCH] drivers/tpm-xen: Change vTPM shared page ABI

vTPM stub-domain updates:
    [PATCH 06/12] stubdom/vtpm: correct the buffer size returned by
    [PATCH 07/12] stubdom/vtpm: Support locality field
    [PATCH 08/12] stubdom/vtpm: make state save operation atomic
    [PATCH 09/12] stubdom/vtpm: support multiple backends
    [PATCH 10/12] stubdom/vtpm: constrain locality by XSM label

Other stub domain updates:
    [PATCH 11/12] stubdom/grub: send kernel measurements to vTPM
    [PATCH 12/12] stubdom/Makefile: Fix gmp extract rule

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