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Re: [Xen-devel] xen libxc - xen domain loader issues with handling large size domU ramdisk / kernel images

>>> On 21.03.13 at 00:33, Shriganesh Shintre <shriganeshs@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> This is not directly related to xsa-25
> (http://wiki.xen.org/wiki/Security_Announcements#XSA_25_Xen_domain_builder_O 
> ut-of-memory_due_to_malicious_kernel.2Framdisk),
> but I found it while applying xsa-25 patch to xen. Please comment on
> my suggestions and correct me if I am wrong.
> file: xen-4.1.2/tools/libxc/xc_dom_core.c
> function: xc_dom_check_gzip()
> The function returns '0' if unzip length of the kernel / ramdisk image
> is invalid (greater than max allowed), pretending it as NOT gzipped
> image. This causes the domain builder to proceed with large kernel /
> ramdisk, which may cause dom0 going out-of-memory.

How? The (apparently or truly) uncompressed image is already in
memory at this point.

> Also one could make
> a small gzip that unpacks to something big. So small gzipped file will
> pass the size test and xen will try to load the kernel / ramdisk.

But you just above correctly said that it's the decompressed
length that is being range checked.

> My suggestion here is to return 'unziplen' if (unziplen > max
> allowed), as further checks
> (xc_dom_kernel_check_size/xc_dom_ramdisk_check_size) are added by
> xsa-25 which will make domain loader to quit before loading large
> files. (please find the code below for reference)
> Also I am not sure why size_t data type is checked for negative value.
> The check  (unziplen < 0) will always return false as size_t is
> unsigned.

This is certainly bogus, but benign, as the check on the right hand
side of || will automatically take care of that situation.

> The second point is related to xsa-25. After applying xsa-25 patch, in
> function 'xc_dom_build_image()' the code checks for ramdisk file size,
> and if the un-gzipped file size is invalid (greater than max allowed)
> it assumes the unziplen = 0. It again pretends that the file is not
> gzipped and proceeds to load domU. The domain loader proceeds further
> with original ramdisk file size and it may make dom0 out-of-memory.

Once again - how? The image - again - is already in memory.

You may want to note that internally to libxc there's no caller of
xc_linux_build_mem() (i.e. eventual range checks on the memory
blocks passed to this function would need to be done by the
caller anyway), and all other functions in xc_dom_compat_linux.c
end up using mmap() (i.e. don't have real potential for driving
Dom0 out of memory).


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