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[Xen-devel] oxenstored: Add support for logging via syslog

The ability to log via syslog was removed back in Oct 2011 but
it's actually quite useful. On a system with lots of disk I/O, if
xenstore logs directly to the filesystem it can block so much
that guests start to suffer.

One solution would be to add some threading to xenstored to isolate
the logging from the ring servicing; however this will be quite a
big patch and we could end up re-implementing a syslog-like logging
service. Instead we re-add the ability to log via syslog and allow
this to be switched on via the xenstored config file. The default
logging behaviour is unchanged.

FYI this is the only significant thing in the XCP patch queue --
we've found this helps a lot in stress tests.

Patches follow. For extra convenience you should be able to pull from:

git pull git://github.com/djs55/xen xenstore-syslog


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