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[Xen-devel] [PATCH 1/1]: tools: Retry blktap2 tapdisk message on interrupt.

Re-start blktap2 IPC select call on interrupt.

We hunted this miserable bug for a long time.

The teardown of a blktap2 tapdisk instance is being carried out
inconsistently up to and including the 4.2.1 release.  The
problem appears to be a classic 'Heisenbug' which disappears if a
single function call is added to the tapdisk shutdown path.  It
is likely this bug has been in existence for the life of the
blktap2 code.

Control messages to manipulate a tapdisk instance are sent over a
UNIX domain socket.  A select call is used on both the read and
write paths to wait on I/O and to set a timeout for the
transmission and reception of the control plane messages.

The existing code fails receipt or transmission of the control message
on any type of error return from the select call.  The xl control
process receives an interrupt while waiting in the select call which
in turn causes an error return with SIGINT as the return code.

This prematurely terminates the teardown of the tapdisk instance
leaving it in various states of shutdown.  Since multiple messages
are needed to implement a full teardown the tapdisk instance can be
left in various states ranging from fully connected to only the minor
being left allocated.

The fix is straight forward.  Check the return code from the
select call and re-try read or write of the control message if
errno is sent to EINTR.  The problem manifests itself in the read
path but there appears to be little reason to not add the fix to
the write path as well.  Both paths appear to be cut-and-paste
copies of each other.

Signed-off-by: Dr. Greg Wettstein <greg@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
 tools/blktap2/control/tap-ctl-ipc.c |   10 ++++++++--
 1 file changed, 8 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

diff --git a/tools/blktap2/control/tap-ctl-ipc.c 
index cc6160e..c8aad1c 100644
--- a/tools/blktap2/control/tap-ctl-ipc.c
+++ b/tools/blktap2/control/tap-ctl-ipc.c
@@ -64,8 +64,11 @@ tap_ctl_read_message(int fd, tapdisk_message_t *message, int 
                FD_SET(fd, &readfds);
                ret = select(fd + 1, &readfds, NULL, NULL, t);
-               if (ret == -1)
+               if (ret == -1) {
+                       if (errno == EINTR)
+                               continue;
+               }
                else if (FD_ISSET(fd, &readfds)) {
                        ret = read(fd, message + offset, len - offset);
                        if (ret <= 0)
@@ -114,8 +117,11 @@ tap_ctl_write_message(int fd, tapdisk_message_t *message, 
int timeout)
                 * bit more time than expected. */
                ret = select(fd + 1, NULL, &writefds, NULL, t);
-               if (ret == -1)
+               if (ret == -1) {
+                       if (errno == EINTR)
+                               continue;
+               }
                else if (FD_ISSET(fd, &writefds)) {
                        ret = write(fd, message + offset, len - offset);
                        if (ret <= 0)

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