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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 4/4] xen-netback: coalesce slots before copying

> This patch tries to coalesce tx requests when constructing grant copy
> structures. It enables netback to deal with situation when frontend's
> MAX_SKB_FRAGS is larger than backend's MAX_SKB_FRAGS.
> It defines max_skb_slots, which is a estimation of the maximum number of
> slots
> a guest can send, anything bigger than that is considered malicious. Now it is
> set to 20, which should be enough to accommodate Linux (16 to 19) and
> possibly
> Windows (19?).
> +/*
> + * This is an estimation of the maximum possible frags a SKB might
> + * have, anything larger than this is considered malicious. Typically
> + * Linux has 16 to 19, Windows has 19(?).
> + */

Could you remove the "Windows has 19(?)" comment? I don't think it's helpful, 
even with the "(?)"... I just checked and windows 2008R2 gives GPLPV a maximum 
of 20 buffers in all the testing I've done, and that's after the header is 
coalesced so it's probably more than that. I'm pretty sure I tested windows 
2003 quite a while back and I could coax it into giving ridiculous numbers of 
buffers when using iperf with tiny buffers.

Maybe "Windows has >19" if you need to put a number on it?


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