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[Xen-devel] [PATCH 00/09] arm: tools: build for arm64 and enable cross-compiling for both arm32 and arm64

The following patches shave some rough edges off the tools build system
to allow cross compiling for at least arm32 and arm64 based on the
Debian/Ubuntu multiarch infrastructure. They also add the necessary
fixes to build for arm64 (which I have only tried cross, not native).

I have posted some instructions on how to compile with these patches on
the wiki:

Thanks are due to Wookey who gave lots of good advice in the hackrooms
at LinaroConnect last week.

I consider it an outstanding bug that you need to essentially pass
CROSS_COMPILE and XEN_TARGET_ARCH to both configure and make. This is
hardly the only remaining annoyance in our build system though...


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