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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v1 11/12] hotplug: document new hotplug interface

Roger Pau Monne writes ("[Xen-devel] [PATCH v1 11/12] hotplug: document new 
hotplug interface"):
> Mention the new diskspec parameter and add a document explaining the
> new hotplug interface.
> +------------
> +
> +Points to the xenstore directory that holds information relative
> +to this hotplug script. At present only one parameter is passed by
> +the toolstack, the "params" xenstore entry which contains the "target"
> +line specified in the diskspec xl disk configuration (pdev_path in
> +libxl_device_disk struct).
> +
> +This xenstore directory will be used to communicate between the
> +hotplug script and the toolstack, and it can also be used by the
> +hotplug script to store temporary information.

Doesn't this leave the possibility that a script might decide to write
"sponge"="42" in the xenstore directory, for its own purposes, and
that libxl might later decide to try to pass "sponge"="bath" for an
enhanced interface ?

I think you need to specify which names each user is entitled to use.

Also, you need to say something about access control.

> +=======================
> +=======================
> +Script will be called with only one parameter, that is either prepare,
> +add, remove, unprepare, localattach or localdetach.

You need to say what scripts should do with unknown parameters.

> +BACKEND_PATH: not valid
> +
> +Expected output:
> +HOTPLGU_PATH/version = version supported by the hotplug script

The output is written into xenstore ?  (Also, typo.)


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