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[Xen-devel] XSM/FLASK questions

Hello all,
    I played with Xen 4.1.0, XSM/FLASK module to see whether it works well or 
not. I
changed the policy file to make dom0 cannot create a domU labeled with domHU_t
type.  The policy.conf generated using "make policy" command is as the
    type domHU_t, domain_type;
    allow dom0_t domHU_t:domain {max_vcpus setdomainmaxmem

                                setaddrsize getdomaininfo hypercall

                                setvcpucontext scheduler unpause

                                getvcpuinfo getaddrsize getvcpuaffinity}; //I
removed "create"

   Then I added the label domHU_t for a domU in its configure file as the 

   access_control = ['policy=,label=system_u:system_r:domHU_t']

After that I made install the FLASK policy using "make install" and rebooted 
flask_enforcing = 1. But when I started the domU using "xm create domU.cfg", it 
still create it successfully.
   Since I removed the "create" operation in the policy, why dom0 can still 
create a
domU labeled with domHU_t? any idea? thanks.

      Best Regards,
               Baozeng Ding

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