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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 6/6] mini-os/x86-64 entry: check against nested events and try to fix up

On 03/09/2013 03:19 PM, Samuel Thibault wrote:
+               andb $KERNEL_CS_MASK,CS(%rsp)      # CS on stack might have 
I don't see why this.

Thank you for all your comments and acks. :-)

    /* Direct iret to kernel space. Correct CS and SS. */
    orb   $3,1*8(%rsp)
    orb   $3,4*8(%rsp)
1:  iretq

HYPERVISOR_IRET is part of the critical section. It could be the case that a nested event comes immediately after we set the lowest byte of on-stack CS from 0 to 3 (orb $3,1*8(%rsp)). After invoking the fixup routine, we want the stack frame to be exactly the same of the original one.

One scenario this could be useful is that if mini-os had an userspace. If the on-stack CS had changed before nested event came and we didn't reset it, we could end up doing an iret with a hypercall iret, assuming we return to kernel with direct iret if on-stack CS is 0 (yet have to change it to 3 before doing so because guest kernel is in ring 3) and userspace with hypercall iret if 3 in x86 64bit. The scenario looks something like this:

- enable events; in critical section: returning to kernel via direct iret (on-stack CS is 0);
 - orb   $3,1*8(%rsp): set on-stack CS to 3
 - nested event came: fixing up the stack frame;
- go back to handle events; perform iret again; if we didn't reset on-stack CS to be 0 in fixup routine, we would return with a hypercall iret instead of a direct iret (assume if on-stack CS is 3, we return to userspace with hypercall iret)

In x86 64-bit mini-os, the critical section only gets executed iff events need to be enabled and we are returning to kernel. So does fixup routine. Thus it is safe to reset the lowest byte of CS to 0 in fixup routine.

It doesn't hurt not doing this. But I think conceptually the stack frame should be the same after fixing up. ;-)




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