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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v2] VTD/Intremap: Disable Intremap on Chipset 5500/5520/X58 due to errata

> >> And - do you really need to iterate over all buses on segment 0?
> >> The X58 data sheet says at the top of section 17.1: "All devices
> >> on the IOH reside on bus 0". I wonder whether you wouldn't
> >> instead need to do this over all segments, on each bus 0.
> >
> > The chipsets do not support multi-segment systems, and we have a
> > multi-socket affected systems with multiple of these chipsets, with none
> > of the IOH's on bus 0.
> That's contrary to the spec then, and will need clarification.
> Don, Xiantao?

Hi, Jan
For x58,  it is true because it is a UP platform, but it is not true for 
5500/5520, it depends on how many IOHs are in the platforms, and also depends 
on how it is configured by platform, so the spec may only say x58's IOH resides 
in bus0, but not for applicable for all. 

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