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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] tools/xenconsoled: Initialise static data before use

On 07/03/13 18:59, Ian Jackson wrote:
> Andrew Cooper writes ("[PATCH] tools/xenconsoled: Initialise static data 
> before use"):
>> 'fds' and 'current_array_size' are used in a memset() in reset_fds(), and for
>> the first call to set_fds() before being initialised.
>> Also initialise nr_fds for sanity sake.
> These variables have static storage duration and are therefore
> initialised to 0.
> Ian.

D'oh - I was not completely sure about this, double checked online and
managed to come up with the wrong answer.

My apologies.

The more concerning point is now "why does this appear to make a
difference"  I shall continue debugging.


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