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[Xen-devel] [PATCH 0 of 8 v3] blktap3: Introduce the tapback daemon (most of blkback in user-space).

This patch series introduces the tapback daemon, the user space daemon that
acts as a device's back-end, essentially most of blkback in user space. The
daemon is responsible for coordinating the front-end and tapdisk. It creates
tapdisk process as needed, instructs them to connect to/disconnect from the
shared ring, and manages the state of the back-end.

The shared ring between the front-end and the tapdisk is provided by a piece of
code that lives inside the tapdisk and will be introduced by the next patch
Signed-off-by: Thanos Makatos <thanos.makatos@xxxxxxxxxx>

Changed since v1:
The series has been largely reorganised:
* Renamed the daemon from xenio to tapback.
* Improved description in patch 0.
* Merged structures and functions.
* Disaggregated functionality from the core daemon source file to smaller ones
  in order to facilitate the review process and improve maintenance.

Changed since v2:
  * Added a new patch that ignores tapback binaries.
  * For the rest of the patches, see the description in each patch.

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