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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 00 of 10 [RFC]] Automatically place guest onhost's NUMA nodes with xl


where is the newest version of the patch,pls provide the latest development 
branch's address.

Butine huang
Zhejiang University

>On mer, 2013-03-06 at 10:49 +0000, butian huang wrote:
>> hello,
>> I am using your patch about "[Xen-devel] [PATCH 00 of 10 [RFC]] 
>> Automatically place guest on host's NUMA nodes with xl",
>> but I meet with a problem,that is, using the three NUMA placement policies, 
>> and putting the VM on the selected numa node;
>Mmm... Can I ask "why" ?
>And the reason why I'm asking is, that patch is the very first RFC of a
>work that has been refined and resubmitted many times, and finally
>checked-in the official Xen development repository, in time for the 4.2
>The above to say that, if you install and use Xen 4.2 (and, of course,
>also if you clone, build and use the latest development branch) you'll
>get a much better engineered, debugged and tested version of the
>automatic placement feature.
>So, is there a particular reason why you're sticking to that very first
>and very old version of the patchset, instead of using the latest or,
>much better, the official releases of Xen that incorporate  it?
>> Actually,using the command  "xl info -n",the VM's memory is not placed the 
>> selected numa node,but it is placed averagly 
>> on the four numa nodes.
>> For example,the VM's memory is 2G,each node occupies 512m memory,why??? 
>That is the old default behaviour, if no pinning and no automatic
>placement happens. I remember having tested that old RFC before
>submitting it, but I'm not in a position of figuring out the details of
>what is going on anymore, since we well moved on from that stage.
>If you could move on yourself to something more, well, "current", that
>would be great, and I certainly will be happy to help with any issue you
>might have with it, or to discuss any feature you're missing.
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