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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 2/2] Xen ACPI memory hotplug

>+      tristate "Xen ACPI memory hotplug"
>+      depends on XEN_DOM0 && XEN_STUB && ACPI
>+      default n
>+      help
>+        This is Xen ACPI memory hotplug.
>+        Currently Xen only support ACPI memory hot-add. If you want
>+        to hot-add memory at runtime (the hot-added memory cannot be
>+        removed until machine stop), select Y/M here, otherwise select N.

I'm wondering if the memory removal is not implemented because of the
same complication QEMU developers are having. To find a way to keep
track of the references to to memory to be removed (e.g in DMA block
operations). Did you had this issue?

Kind Regards,

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