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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 2 of 3] blktap3/libxl: Check whether blktap3 is available

> > > Can't you try to connect to its control socket ?
> ...
> > There's no control socket yet. Could we leave this as a future
> improvement?
> How do you control this thing then ?  Does it listen on xenstore ?
> In any case, you need to do this test in some way which is reliable.
> The reason why searching the process table for processes with
> particular names is not a good idea is that there is no rule which says
> that other subsystems aren't allowed to create processes with any names
> they like.
> Ian.

Tapback watches XenStore, so it doesn't need the control socket to function. 
However, the control socket will be necessary for doing more elaborate stuff 
(e.g. controlling a tapdisk in a thread-safe manner). I understand the problems 
of using a processes' name in this case, but since the control socket is not 
absolutely necessary at this point (it's actually not yet implemented in the 
tapback daemon), could we leave this as a future improvement?

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