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Re: [Xen-devel] [RFC PATCH V4 18/18] libxl: add evtchn_extended_allowed flag

Wei Liu writes ("[RFC PATCH V4 18/18] libxl: add evtchn_extended_allowed flag"):
> Admins can add "evtchn_extended_allowed = 1" in domain config file to enable
> extended event channel ABI for a domain.

Why does it default to false ?

> +=item B<evtchn_extended_allowed=BOOLEAN>
> +
> +Flag for allowing domain to use any of the extended event channel ABIs.

This fails to explain why one might want to disable this.  The only
reason that comes to my mind is in case it has a security
vulnerability, an admin who wasn't currently using it could disable

Are there other reasons ?

This is an odd phrasing given that there is (currently in existence)
only one extended event channel ABI.  And in the future when we
introduce more we probably want to be able to disable them
individually ?


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