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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 0/8] kexec: extended kexec hypercall for use with pv-ops kernels

> On 21/02/13 17:48, David Vrabel wrote:
> > The series improves the kexec hypercall by making Xen responsible for
> > loading and relocating the image.  This allows kexec to be usable by
> > pv-ops kernels and should allow kexec to be usable from a HVM or PVH
> > privileged domain.
> Any further comments/acks for any of these patches? Specifically patch 2
> and the toolstack patches (7 and 8).

I am reviewing patches more deeply right now.
I will send you my comments by the end
of this week (as I promised earlier).


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