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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] xen-netfront: drop skb when skb->len > 65535

On 2013-3-2 10:54, Ian Campbell wrote:
On Fri, 2013-03-01 at 17:00 +0000, Wei Liu wrote:
On Fri, 2013-03-01 at 16:48 +0000, Jan Beulich wrote:
On 01.03.13 at 17:31, Wei Liu <wei.liu2@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
The `size' field of Xen network wired format is uint16_t, anything bigger
65535 will cause overflow.

The punishment introduced by XSA-39 is quite harsh - DomU is disconnected when
it's discovered to be sending corrupted skbs. However, it looks like Linux
kernel will generate some bad skbs sometimes, so drop those skbs before
sending to over netback to avoid being disconnected.
While fixing the frontend is certainly desirable, we can't expect
everyone to deploy fixed netfronts in all their VMs - some OS
versions used in there may even be out of service. So we
ought to find a way to also more gracefully deal with the
situation in netback, without re-opening the security issue
that prompted those changes.

Regarding the punishment bit, I think its worth discussing it a bit.
Yes, the trick is figuring out what to do without reintroducing the
softlockup which XSA-39 fixed.

Perhaps we should allow silently consume (and drop) oversize skbs and
only shutdown the rings if they also consume too many (FSVO too many)

But the bug is always there, it drew no attention until revealed by
XSA-39. It ought to be fixed anyway. :-)
I would have sworn that skb->len was also limited to 64k, but looking at
the header I see it is actually an int and the only limit of that sort
is related to MAX_SKB_FRAGS (which doesn't actually limit the total

If compound page enabled, it is very possible that netback runs into following code.

                if (unlikely(frags >= MAX_SKB_FRAGS)) {
                        netdev_err(vif->dev, "Too many frags\n");
                        return -frags;

MAX_SKB_FRAGS does not actually limit the total size in theory. But it does 
limit the total size in netback since netback only supports one-page-sized 


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