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[Xen-devel] [PATCH 0/4 V6] xen: arm: parse modules from DT during early boot.

Most of the early part of this series went in with V5 and only the PoC
DTB based "protocol" remains.

Main change is that the match on /chosen/modules is now done based on
compatible == "xen,multiboot-module" rather than by the path (Stefano's

I had to fix device_tree_for_each_node to handle #*-cells properly, this
is at the start of the series.

I have also added a patch which makes the hypervisor insert
the /hypervisor/ node automatically (and drop anything which is there
already). This is a (small) step along the path of being able to use the
unmodified DTS for the platform. I reckon the main remaining thing in
this area is to automatically update /cpus/ based on dom0_vcpus=X (we
already handle RAM).


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