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Re: [Xen-devel] [Patch v5 0/2] bug fixes for APICV

>>> On 30.01.13 at 04:23, "Li, Jiongxi" <jiongxi.li@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> This patchset fixes some APICV issues, including a potential issue while 
> doing live migration and enabling APICV while guest is in X2APIC mode.
> PATCH 1/2: Xen: Fix live migration while enabling APICV.
> PATCH 2/2: Xen: Fix VMCS setting for x2APIC mode guest while enabling APICV.

Looks okay to me now, but certainly wants to be acked by at least
one of the VMX maintainers, who you failed to Cc (and I added
them now).


> Changes v4 to v5
> Correct coding style. Add debug log in msr enable/disable intercept function 
> for out of range case.
> Changes v3 to v4
> According to Jan's comment, add define for numbers used in 
> GUEST_INTR_STATUS, change function name.
> Use 'set_bit/clear_bit' instead of '__set_bit/__clear_bit'
> Changes v2 to v3
> When enabling APICV for x2apic mode, ppr, tmict tmcct MSR read still need to 
> be intercepted.
> Changes v1 to v2
> According to Keir's comment, don't change the save/restore order for 
> compatibility.

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