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Re: [Xen-devel] [Xen-users] Problemi using vif-route script


many thanks for your replies.

On 25.01.2013 14:51, Roger Pau Monnà wrote:
>>> 2) from domU config:
>>> vif = [ 'mac=de:ad:a:1e:42:3,ip=',
>>>         'mac=ba:cc:7f:0:4:1,bridge=backupbr0,script=vif-bridge']
>>> The IP is not parsed so the ${ip} variable in the xen scripts is empty.
>> ip should be parsed and written to xenstore -- do you see it there (in
>> the backend dir)? I can see the code which reads it in the hotplug
>> script.
> I've tried this config and ip is written to xenstore:
> /local/domain/0/backend/vif/6/0/ip = ""   (n0,r6)

At least xenstore-ls did not reveal the IP for the domu.
I will give it another try and see if I did something wrong.
Could you please tell me where the parsing code for the ip= parameter in
xl.cfg is located so I could insert a printf or something like that for

Best regards,

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