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Re: [Xen-devel] mgag200 driver does not work properly with Xen

>>> On 23.01.13 at 19:19, Fernando Luiz Chaves Xavier Matos
<fernando@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I would like to inform that this motherboard uses UEFI.
> And, obviously, I'm using legacy boot.


> This requires some video emulation, right?

Depends on the UEFI implementation.

> There is any known issue with Xen about motherboards that uses UEFI? If I
> install an UEFI-aware bootloader, like rEFInd or grub-efi, can I boot the
> hypervisor?

You don't need any boot loader to boot Xen from UEFI - all you
need is a new enough tool chain to build xen.efi. See
docs/misc/efi.markdown (or its processed incarnation on the web).


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